Level Up Academy

Fall 2024 Online Application

Fall 2024 Online Application


Tuition-free Charter School in White Bear Lake, MN
Serving Grades K - 8

In-Class, Online & Hybrid Learning Pathways

Level Up Academy Application Process:

Step 1:

Submit Student Application

Required at this stage

  • Primary & Secondary parent/guardian names & details

  • Student Name & address

  • Student Enrollment Grade

  • Student Learning Pathway (In-Class, Online or Fusion)

  • Whether the student you're applying for has siblings enrolled or in the process of enrolling

Space Available

Step 2: Submit Enrollment Form

Required after application approval (later):

  • Student co-resident information

  • Student's Last School Name & Address

  • Student Enrollment Grade

  • Details around your child's spoken language

  • Special education history & requirements

  • Student health information

  • Student emergency contact information

  • Whether the student you're applying for has siblings enrolled or in the process of enrolling



No Space Available


Wait List

  • Level Up Academy will proactively keep parents updated on waitlist status

  • Parents may request automatic updates concerning their child(ren)'s waitlist status

Before You Start
Review Step 2 Required Documentation:

To ensure a seamless and efficient application process for your child(ren) at Level Up Academy, we require certain key documents to be submitted along with your enrollment form, which you receive after your application (the step you're currently on) is approved.

These documents help us better understand each child's educational background and any specific needs they may have. Depending on your child's circumstances, some or all of the following documents will be needed to finalize their application:

The below documents are required if your application is approved:

Mandatory Submission Checklist for All Applicants:

  • Copy of your child's birth certificate (Clearly legible image of the front & back of the document)

  • Copies of your child's immunization records

Additional Documents Helpful for Certain Applicants:

  • Individualized Program Plan (required if your child has a 504 Plan)

  • Copy of your child's 504 plan (if applicable)

  • Psycho-Educational Assessment (if applicable, submit this to help us understand your child's learning needs.)

  • Legal documentation related to the child’s custody and/or safety (if applicable)

How Do I Submit the Documents?

  • Most digital documents (e.g., PDF files) can be submitted electronically inside the student enrollment form that is provided as the next step following the submission of your application form (if approved)

  • If you have only hard copies, you can either digitize them in order to upload them inside the student enrollment form (which you'll be invited to fill out if your application is approved), or drop them off at the school after the enrollment form has been submitted.

  • If you submit your application form and the enrollment form that follows without uploading all the required documents, your child will be considered enrolled at Level Up Academy but the missing documents will need to be submitted prior to the first day of school. You will receive automated notifications advising which document are missing that you may upload electronically, or drop off in-person at the school.

Note: The student application should take about 10-15 minutes per student to complete. Please ensure you have enough time to complete the process. If you close the window prior to completing the application, your data may not be saved, and you will have to start over.

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Hear What Others Say About Learning With Us: